Curriculum Challenges

5.2 And …

Curriculum for Excellence has always resonated strongly with college approaches to learning and its broad philosophy accepted.  It has been a useful unifying concept reflecting additional value of the learner experience beyond vocationally oriented outcomes.  There are signs that the sector is taking on the deeper implications of CfEx in working with learners to co-create the learning experience.  What are the professional learning implications of embedding further the concepts of CfEx?

Colleges will be expected to make a full contribution to senior phase implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.  It is part of a movement making the resources of the system available to its learners; of thinking beyond institutional boundaries.  There may be a need for a college workforce to have broader perspectives of educational system.  How do we reflect this in professional learning experiences?

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  • Garry Cameron  On December 13, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Curriculum for Excellence requires new thinking about the curriculum:
    1. How to build on Experiences and Outcomes
    2. Even more flexible delivery
    3. Ensuring that the entitlements are covered in curriculum design and delivery
    4. Much smarter use of technologies to deliver online, distance learning and class contact
    5. More joined up practice at local level – schools/colleges and other training providers

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